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Vibrant India Holi Edition 2024
Join Us for an Unforgettable Celebration Under the Berlin Sky! Experience the Beats, Colors, and Flavors of Vibrant India – Holi Edition 2024.
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Organizer - Masalakraut
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Children aged 12 and under have free access to the event. Kindly specify the number of children in the checkout form.
Date and Time
Sa. 2. Sa. 13th April 2024 12:30 - 18:00
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Please get in contact with the Event Organizer to inquire.
General Information
6,5 hours
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Imagine the sky above Uber Platz erupting in clouds of brilliant colors as we celebrate Holi2024 together:
On April 13, 2024, we invite you to Vibrant India–Holi Edition to dance with your friends and family in a sea of pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange! With the beats by Derrick Linco and Berlin-based Indian performers we’ll create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.
Of course, our Holi Festival offers more than just the traditional color throwing: In best Vibrant India tradition, there will also be the most delicious culinary snacks to make our Holi Edition not just a feast for the eyes, but also the palates! Be tempted by the selected array of flavors, from traditional Indian dishes to modern culinary creations from India.
Things to note for the event:
Colors and other elements for the celebration will be available for use at the venue. Participants are not allowed to bring anything
Participants can pay for food both with cash and card at the venue
Toilets are available at the venue but no showers will be required because it is a dry holi celebration
The event is free for kids aged 12 and under 12. Please do not buy tickets for them but simply let us know how many kids aged 12 and under 12 are joining you in the payment page
Join us at Vibrant India Holi Edition and be part of an unforgettable day that will fill your heart with joy and your soul with everlasting memories! We are looking forward to seeing you. Make sure to check back for the detailed itinerary and necessary information.
Tickets don’t have to be printed.
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About Masalakraut
Berlin's cultural influencers: a trio of India enthusiasts, renowned in cinema and now venturing into cultural events like the Vibrant India – Holi Edition 2024, reshaping the city's cultural landscape.
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